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Il nostro centro di approfondimenti scientifici

Scientific insights

Visit our collection center for the various scientific studies that are carried out on the interaction between the organism and the ELF fields.
In this section, you can find a collection of useful information, with references to external scientific studies, statements from doctors and researchers and much more.
Information is key to transparency.

Orbis WiFi Eco: the defense against WiFi radiation

Wi-Fi technology has now become ubiquitous in our homes and workplaces; despite several advantages, various studies demonstrate the negative biological effects due to exposure to WiFi...

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5G: new communication system and implications for human health

An in-depth study of the authoritative Dr. Agostino Ciaula’s research, to clarify your ideas on the new 5G technology.

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Psycho-Physical Wellness, Brain Waves and Schumann Resonances

Let’s take a closer look at each of the brain waves and how they compare to Schumann resonance frequencies.

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Reliability of the products on the market

What are the solutions that the market offers today to defend ourselves from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields?

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