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Mind Your Wellness

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Customizable and adaptable to your every need.
For any environment, domestic or professional.
High quality and high technology.



Improve your concentration and productivity.
The best way to work.
The real corporate wellness has arrived.



Designed for the home and for your loved ones.
To restore a protected home environment.



The benefits of scientifically tested protection

The electrosmog protection brings many benefits. Each of us, in the most common daily actions, can find relief in any area: work, sport, professional or amateur activities. Well-being is within everyone’s reach.


Improvement of general wellness and sleep quality


Stimulation of general health improvement


Orbis783 products have a minimum level of consumption


Biological protection from the effects of electromagnetic fields

Made in Italy

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy


Increase in concentration, memory and creativity


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Orbis783 in everyday life

Discover the areas of use

Electrosmog already affetcs our lives and the development of technologies will intensify this effect more and more. The solution is not complete the disconnection: there is a compromise that encompasses well-being and innovation in a single concept: Orbis783.

Electrosmog in the homeplace

Electrosmog is constantly widespread in our domestic homeplaces, that are increasingly technological and connected environments. By defending ourselves and our loved ones from its harmful effects, we can naturally fight the negative biological effects caused by the Artificial Electromagnetic Fields in the environment.

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Electrosmog in the workplace

Electrosmog in the workplace is a different type of pollution (as it is not perceived by people) which can therefore be exposed to high levels of Harmful Electromagnetic radiation without realizing it. All the most common electronic devices contribute to increasing the level of electromagnetic pollution present in offices. Also for these reasons, must be restored a natural “Corporate Wellness” in workplaces.

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Orbis783 in the high fidelity of sound

The Orbis783 products will allow you to obtain maximum listening results in HiFi audio systems thanks to the peculiar electromagnetic features of Schumann Resonance: you will hear your Hi-Fi system playing like never before, discovering details and details that have remained hidden so far.

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