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What is Schumann's Frequency?

Schumann Resonance is a group of peaks in the spectrum portion of the extremely low frequencies (ELF) of the earth’s electromagnetic field. These are global electromagnetic resonances, stimulated from the electrical discharges of lightning in the cavity formed by the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This is the definition of the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who calculated them mathematically in 1952. The importance of this frequency is fundamental for humans. One of the practical examples of its indispensable usefulness has also been found in studies carried out by NASA. Following the first missions in space, the astronauts fell ill. The circadian rhythms (the inner clock) were decompensated. They regulate for example the sleep-wake rhythm, the change in body temperature and the level of cortisone in the blood as well as the production of melatonin. The reason for this was the lack of Schumann’s frequency in space and to avoid these imbalances it was necessary to technically regenerate this natural resonance frequency.

Can two or more Orbis783 devices be used at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible to use several Orbis783 in the same building, located in various positions in order to guarantee a more homogeneous and complete coverage of the electromagnetic field generated.

Can Orbis783 be used near electromagnetic sources?

Yes of course! Indeed, it’s precisely in environments with a large presence of electromagnetic sources that Orbis783 should be used. In general, however, it is recommendable to avoid physical proximity to these sources, because the electromagnetic field that it generates has the function of reducing or eliminating the negative biological effects connected to non-ionizing radiation, while contrasting harmful effects of ionizing radiation (thermal effects).

Can Orbis783 affect the quality of the transmission or reception of the mobile phone?

N0, because Orbis783 acts on the biological and physical effects induced by electromagnetic fields and not directly on the radiation levels of cell phones.

How does Orbis783 protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog)?

Orbis783 by generating a natural electromagnetic signal of 7.83 Hz (corresponding to the “Schumann” Resonance) makes available to the human organism “harmonic rhythms” in an advantageous frequency band. In this way, bad signals such as Electrosmog and Harmful Electromagnetic Fields no longer disturb the communication between the individual cells of the brain, muscles and organs, which is based on small electromagnetic impulses. If these “bio-impulses” are constantly disturbed from the outside, the electrical mechanisms of our body are put out of synchronization.

Can Orbis783 be addictive?

N0, in the most absolute way, Orbis783 is the basis for a correct synchronization of every control and of the functional processes in the body. Thanks to Orbis783, our body is made more resistant against the stress caused by external agents and tension of various kinds and finds its maximum regeneration effectiveness during the night sleep/rest period.

Can Orbis783 be used even in the absence of specific pathologies?

Yes, Orbis783 is suitable for all people who want to get more power, less stress and a more restful sleep, protecting themselves from the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution. Indeed, thanks to the enhancement and maintenance at an optimal level of melatonin secretion through the pineal gland. An enhancement of the immune defenses is obtained while maintaining an effective and stable barrier against external pathogens.

How long is it recommended to keep Orbis783 on?

Orbis783 was designed and conceived as a rebalancer of the natural level of Schumann Resonance, which under normal conditions should always be present in the environments where we live and work. Therefore, to obtain the maximum benefit, it is recommended to always keep the device switched on, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Orbis783 has been created precisely for an uninterrupted use.

Is there any scientific evidence that attest the positive effects of using Orbis783?

Orbis783 is a new product developed on the basis of extensive research on the biological interaction of terrestrial magnetic fields and the Schumann frequency.
For further information, please visit the “SCIENCE” section of the site where there are many references to scientific literature on the subject.

Is it possible to verify the presence of the magnetic field generated by Orbis783?

The magnetic resonance generated by Orbis783 produces the primary Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz in addition to a series of harmonic frequencies associated with it. These frequencies, being extremely low both in wavelength and in radiated level, require special measuring tools to be able to measure them.

Can Orbis783 improve sleep quality and make me sleep better?

Yes, it has been verified that the correct presence of Schumann resonance in the rest environment has the direct consequence of the obtaining better sleep quality.
This is possibile thanks to its ability to neutralize the biological disturbing effects caused to the pineal gland by the presence of non-natural Electromagnetic Fields and by the Electrosmog.

Has Orbis783 contraindications for use in environments where children are present?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, it is specifically recommended to use Orbis783 in environments where children stay, because they are constitutionally more subject to the harmful effects of unnatural electromagnetic fields and to Electrosmog.

Can Orbis783 Pocket be detected during airport security checks?

Orbis783 contains electronic parts and is therefore a full-fledged electronic device. Therefore it is important to observe the security rules for hand baggage.