Electromagnetic smog in the workplace is a form of hidden pollution, as it isn’t clearly perceived by exposed people, who therefore may find themselves exposed to high levels of radiation without realizing it. Computers, monitors, transformers, external units, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies), wireless systems: everything contributes to increasing the level of electromagnetic pollution present in offices, where technology is fundamental.


Electrosmog or electromagnetic pollution is the result of the active presence of electrical equipment or cables with live electricity that emit electric, magnetic and electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic fields are generated by any appliance or electrical conductor: from the cables of the electrical system to power lines; from cordless to mobile; from microwave to computer; from transformer rooms to telecommunications antennas.


The polluting sources that produce electromagnetic fields are divided into two main categories:

In the workplace, many activities can involve exposure to electromagnetic fields at higher levels than those found in other living environments. Among the main sources of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) we can distinguish:


The communication between the individual cells of the brain, nervous system, muscles and organs is based not only on bio-chemical messages but also on small electromagnetic impulses, which contribute to controlling and regulating various endogenous processes of the body. If these “bio-impulses” are constantly disturbed from the outside (electrosmog and artificial electromagnetic fields), the “electrical mechanisms of our body” are sent out of synchronization. Biologically the control circuits of our organism are very sensitive and subject to increasing interference.

The constant presence in modern workstations of technological equipment leads us to be exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields, emitted during their operation. It represents the direct consequence of being surrounded daily by computers, faxes, Wi-Fi, telephones, copiers, printers; as if this were not enough, it is also necessary to be constantly available through the use of telecommunication devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and the like.

Permanent electrosmog radiation can originate from ionizing radiation but also from variable non-ionizing radiation. In both cases, they can cause various ailments such as:

The use of ORBIS783 reintegrates into the workplace a correct level of Schumann Natural Resonance which is lacking in these cases, and protects us from the negative biological effects caused by environmental electrosmog. The functions of ORBIS783 create benefits for the autonomic nervous system, improving concentration, maintaining attention, obtaining energy, well-being and vitality.