To illustrate this interesting topic, we refer to an authoritative study presented by Dr. Agostino Ciaula, medical doctor, researcher and president of the national and international scientific committee of the International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE).
Dr. Ciaula stands out for being an authoritative figure, very engaged in scientific studies and research, which also concern the interaction between Artificial CEM and men.

Study with scientific value validated by publication on the PubMed platform after official peer review

Publication of the study:

In summary, the result of the study leads to the following considerations.

The spread of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) is on the rise and health effects are currently being actively investigated and researched. RF-EMF promote oxidative stress, a condition involved in the onset of cancer, various acute and chronic diseases, and vascular homeostasis. Although some evidence is still controversial, OMS IARC has classified RF-EMF as a “possible human carcinogen”, and more recent studies have suggested reproductive, metabolic and neurological effects of RF-EMF, which are also able to altering bacterial resistance to antibiotics. In this evolving scenario, although the biological effects of 5G communication systems are very poorly investigated, an international action plan for the development of 5G networks has been launched, with an imminent increase in devices and small cell density, and with the future use of millimeter waves (MMW).

Preliminary observations have shown that MMWs increase skin temperature, alter gene expression, promote cell proliferation and the synthesis of proteins linked to oxidative stress, inflammatory and metabolic processes, could generate ocular damage, influence neuro-muscular dynamics. Further studies are needed to better and independently explore the health effects of RF-EMF in general and of MMW in particular as these preliminary studies suggest non-negligible evidence. However, the available results seem sufficient to demonstrate the existence of biomedical effects, to invoke the precautionary principle, to define exposed subjects as potentially vulnerable and to review existing limitations. Appropriate knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanisms that link exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to health risk should also be useful in current clinical practice.

Considering these scientific evidences and the start of the implementation on the national territory of the 5G technology which, precisely due to its technical characteristics and geographical coverage, has as its task the achievement of signal coverage equal to 90% of the surface of the nation, thus leading to an almost ubiquitous presence of Artificial EMFs with a high biological impact. This situation makes it necessary to adopt solutions able to contrasting and protecting the environments where we live.

The Orbis783 devices are born with this specific function and the upcoming advent of 5G makes its use even more necessary, both to fight its negative biological effects, and to generate a condition of Wellness, essential for maintaining a correct psychophysical balance, altered by the ever more pervasive Artificial EMFs.