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work with us

Work with us

Electrosmog represents an increasingly real problem in our lives. Orbis783 products represent the solution to co-exist the development of technologies and the well-being of us and the people around us.

Creating a network of contacts, people and information becomes fundamental to communicate the extraordinary innovation inherent in our products.
In this sense, one of our goals is to enhance the brand through people who can best convey the uniqueness of our products.
Orbis783 is a dynamic, constantly evolving company, open to collaborations with young people, ordinary people and professionals.
All these figures must share the passion and awareness of the importance of these products (for us and those around us), and the stimulus in transmitting all this information to other people.

The mission of this initiative? Involve agents, bloggers, influencers and ordinary people to “launch” Orbis783 products on the market.
The collaboration that we propose offers the possibility of practicing this promotion and sale activity to all people, putting on the plate a commission calculated on the basis of the sales made.

Fill out the form and discover a business opportunity that promotes the well-being of people by fighting electrosmog and electromagnetism.

Orbis783 is the future.
Become part of your future with us.