The electromagnetic fields connected to Schumann Resonance Frequencies have proven to be able to make considerable improvements to the musical and visual sensory capacities. All thanks to the positive biological interaction, able to accentuate and sharpen in the listener the states of concentration, attention and perceptive ability.

You will hear your Hi-Fi system playing like you’ve never listened to it, discovering details that you never thought it could have.

Without the need for any physical connection with the devices, but only by placing ORBIS783 in your listening environment will you be able to enjoy a greater dynamic range and an increase in spatiality and depth of the musical front reproduced by your speakers.

Under normal listening conditions, the environment is saturated with Artificial Electromagnetic Fields produced by the equipment in use and those coming from outside, which disturb the listener’s sensory capacities. All this adds up, altering the acoustic and electromagnetic signals generated by the system and reducing the global perception capacity of the listener, who will no longer be able to distinguish nuances and important details in the context of high fidelity listening.

ORBIS 783 does not interact directly with the Environmental Electromagnetic Fields, but deletes or considerably attenuates the biological effects induced, placing the listener in a listening condition as if he were in a pure and natural environment.

Operation is extremely simple, as it’s sufficient to place ORBIS 783 in the listening room, at a height of 1.5m from the floor and turn it on at least fifteen minutes before starting the music playback.

The particular type of antenna used and the level of intensity at which it is calibrated allow ORBIS 783 to distribute the Electromagnetic Field of Schumann Resonance in a homogeneous and efficient way in the listening room.

Here are some comments from Schumann Resonance Generator Users in the Audiophile field: