Orbis783 pocket

$600,00 (VAT incl.)

Orbis783 Pocket is built with durable Nylon PA12 - MJF.
A design item appropriate for every context, which creates a personal shield that you can always take with you.


Orbis783 pocket is a portable Electromagnetic Signal Generator, with the following features:

  • Powered by a rechargeable battery;
  • The device is built with high quality and high stability components for its Electromagnetic Signal Generator, by combining a microcontroller and a “high precision Op Amp”, a series of pure sine waves have been achieved;
  • It emits an electromagnetic field from an internal dual-circuit Mobius coil, consisting of a string of 7 frequencies:
    • 5 x Schumann Resonance existing in Nature: 7.83 + 14.2 + 20.3 + 25.9 + 32.0 Hz;
    • 2 x Frequencies with known Wellness properties: 432 Hz e 528 Hz;

During the signal levels tuning phase, the percentage of intensity assigned to each frequency has been kept under detailed consideration, to provide the highest possible benefits. 

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Description Technical details Equipment and accessories


Orbis783 Pocket is a portable electromagnetic field generator ELF in the fundamental frequency of the Schumann resonance – 7.83 Hz – and the rest of the harmonic frequencies that are coherent with the electromagnetic spectrum of the Schumann Resonance – 14.2, 20.3, 25.9, 32.0 Hz -.
The device has been designed and engineered to accurately reproduce what is originally present in the environment in the best conditions.
Two additional frequencies have been added – 432 Hz and 528 Hz – in order to obtain a further increase in overall Wellness capabilities.

  • The special radiating antenna has been made using a double Mobius Coil with Chartres Design, obtained on a 2-layer high-density printed circuit to obtain a homogeneous distribution of the electromagnetic field in the environment.
  • The signal generation circuit was designed and developed to obtain a waveform of high quality and spectral purity, as well as stability over time through the use of a microcontroller with reference to an external quartz oscillator at 8MHz 50ppm
  • The cabinet container made of Nylon PA12 – MJF guarantees excellent strength and manageability.
  • The ORBIS783 Pocket is equipped with a lithium polymer battery of 3.7 Volt voltage and 2,000 mAh capacity: it has been sized to ensure an autonomy of around 60 hours of use, with a quick charge time.


  • Electromagnetic field frequency – 7.83 Hz + coherent harmonic frequencies 14.2, 20.3, 25.9, 32.0, Hz + 432 and 528 Hz
  • Range of action – 2 square meters
  • Power Supply Voltage Battery Charging – 5 Volt DC
  • Lithium Polymer battery, 3.7 Volt voltage with a capacity of 2,000 mah
  • operating autonomy of the device in operation, about 60 hours


Electronic board

Instrumental analysis Sine Wave & FFT


  • 1 x Orbis783 Pocket composed of PA12 – MJF Nylon cabinet + integrated electronic unit with lithium Polymer battery, voltage 3.7 Volt with a capacity of 2.000 mah
  • 1 x Battery charger DC5 Volt 1.000 mA USB Type C + USB Type C / USB cable, length 1 m.
  • 1 x Reference QR Code to view or download online instructions



Improvement of general wellness and sleep quality


Stimulation of general health improvement


Orbis783 products have a minimum level of consumption


Biological protection from the effects of electromagnetic fields

Made in Italy

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy


Increase in concentration, memory and creativity