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ORBIS783 Pocket is a portable device for personal use that faithfully reproduces the Schumann resonances in their entirety and integrity (7.83, 14.2, 20.3, 25.9, 32.0 Hz) in order to synchronize human cells to the Schumann frequencies, creating a real protective barrier for the body from electromagnetic fields and harmful external agents, gradually restoring the body to the Earth’s natural frequency. This results in the gradual recovery of a state of well-being. The rebalancing takes place thanks to the restoration of the vibratory frequency of the cells mediated by ORBIS783 Pocket. The organism will be stronger in countering the non-harmonic artificial frequencies created by man, which can be harmful to the person. In order to further enhance the psycho-physical wellness functions, ORBIS783 also generates two additional frequencies, 432 and 528Hz respectively.

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Our planet is constantly immersed in a continuous exchange of low-frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF). These waves are continuously excited by electrical discharges from lightning and solar winds that periodically influence the Earth’s activity.

Between the Ionosphere and the Earth’s crust there is a difference in magnetic charges in the surrounding environment (the one in which we live). This environment has a series of basic frequencies that scientists have called Schumann Resonances (named after the German physicist who was able to measure them mathematically for the first time in 1952).

The magnetic activity of the earth generates a sequence of frequencies where the main and best known is 7.83 Hz, followed by 14.2 Hz, 20.3 Hz, 25.9 Hz and 32.0 Hz, which are proportionally less intense but equally important.

Of these 5 frequencies, the 7.83 Hz is defined as the Fundamental Frequency, more properly known as the “Schumann Frequency” and is, together with the other 4 frequencies, the main regulator of biological processes on our planet. It is assumed that it is thanks to these frequencies, which have always been present in nature, that life on the planet and the evolution of fauna and the human race have been possible.

The cells of all living beings on this earth oscillate at a certain frequency when healthy. In healthy humans the cell oscillates at about 8Hz.

Certain regions of the brain such as the hippocampus, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland (epiphysis) resonate with the Schumann Resonances.

Electroencephalography (EEG) has shown that the brain generates electromagnetic waves in the low-frequency range EELF. Human brain waves oscillate particularly in the frequency bands from 1 to 40 Hz, i.e. in the range of Schumann resonances. The brain wavebands, also called states of consciousness, which are also present in Schuman resonances are arranged in the following wave spectra:

Alpha (8-14 Hertz): these waves occur in a relaxed waking state, as in light meditation or shortly after falling asleep or waking up.
Beta (15-38 Hertz): these waves prevail in normal wakefulness, in states of concentration, agitation or attention.

Correct oscillation of the cells enables them to form ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the main source of energy governing the body’s biochemical and energy processes, including restoring health. The cell therefore responds to the principle of resonance.

Resonance is defined as the phenomenon whereby an oscillating system is only able to absorb energy from an external source particularly efficiently at one (or more) specific frequencies.

In 1665, the Dutch physicist and mathematician Christiaan Huygens, one of the first to postulate the wave theory of light, observed that when two pendulums were placed side by side on the same wall, they tended to tune their oscillatory movement, as if they “wanted to assume the same rhythm”. Through his studies, he discovered the phenomenon that we now call ‘resonance’. In the case of two pendulums, one is said to make the other resonate at its own frequency. In the same way and by the same principle, if you strike a tuning fork, which produces waves at a fixed frequency of 440 Hz, and place it next to a second ‘silent’ tuning fork, after a short interval the latter will also begin to vibrate.

A resonance phenomenon generally causes a significant increase in the amplitude of oscillations, which corresponds to a significant accumulation of energy within the stressed system.

This is why a reduction in the presence of the Schumann fundamental frequencies in the environment leads over time to a misalignment of the cellular frequency and a consequent loss of energy and health.

There are many factors that alter the correct presence of Schumann frequencies in the environment and cause disturbances in living beings

  • solar winds
  • the presence of metal, concrete and other shielding structures and buildings typical of urban environments
  • Earthquake activities
  • Man-made electromagnetic fields of both low and high frequency
  • Other events that alter the magnetic field of the environment called geopathies (from the Greek “geos” earth and “patos” to suffer).

When, for various reasons, our organism finds itself in an environment where frequencies other than the Schumann resonance are present, or where their presence is greatly reduced, in the medium to long term this condition leads to a functional biological imbalance. In the immediate term, the pineal gland (epiphysis) is particularly affected, as it is the pivot of the body’s internal clock and regulates circadian rhythms, i.e. sleep/wake rhythms, seasonal changes, etc., and conditions signals of tiredness and lack of lucidity. This gland is also responsible for the production of melatonin/serotonin and thus the management of the sleep hormone. The pineal gland is capable of detecting electromagnetic fields. Biological implications of the pineal gland in relation to electromagnetic fields have been studied for over 45 years.

This theory was first confirmed by the studies and experiments carried out in the early 1960s by the researcher Prof. Rutger Weaver, an acclaimed scientist at the Max Planck Institute, and then by NASA, since in the first case, volunteer students locked in an underground bunker and in the second, astronauts travelling in space, deprived of the protection of the Schumann Resonance due to the absence of the Earth’s magnetic field, it was noted that in both cases there was a significant deterioration in mental and physical health.

The problem was solved by inserting the “Schumann Simulator”, a kind of pulse generator. This was solved by inserting the ‘Schumann Simulator’, a kind of magnetic pulse generator that recreated the same frequency as Schumann in the environment.

This shows that we cannot be healthy if we are disconnected from the biological frequency of the Earth that protects us.

Scientific research has shown that the use of Schumann frequencies helps the body to resist and become immune to the effects of non-natural forms of electromagnetic radiation. In addition, this type of protection reduces the risk of disease in adults and children. When the body resynchronises with the Earth’s natural frequencies, the cells return to their optimal energy, counteracting imbalances.

The careful design of the ORBIS783 Pocket has resulted in sine waves of particular purity and quality for maximum wellness benefits.



The electronic circuit of the generator, controlled by a microcontroller, has been programmed not only to generate sinusoidal frequencies that are perfectly stable over time, but also to obtain an equalisation of intensity levels so as to reproduce as faithfully as possible what is present in the natural environment under the best conditions.




  • Improved sleep and increased well-being through stabilisation of circadian rhythms (Wever 1973, Cherry 2002);
  • Improvement of bone structure through stimulation of osteoblasts (Aaron & Ciombor 1996);
  • Improvement of immune defence (Lieberman et al. 2001);
  • Normalization of blood pressure (Mitsutake et al 2005);
  • Counteracting environmental disturbances such as electromagnetic pollution (Life Sci Space Res. 2009);
  • Alleviation of pain sensitivity (Eccles 2005);
  • Improvement of memory performance through stimulation of the hippocampus (O’Keefe & Nadel 1978);
  • Improvement of mental performance, specifically attention, concentration and creative abilities through synchronisation of neuronal rhythms (Rutishauser et al. 2010, Mulligan & Persinger 2012);


References to scientific studies actually demonstrating the potential of Schumann Resonances





Position 1 – Switching on / off


Position 2 – Operating LED


Position 3 – Battery charge LED


Position 4 – Battery charging socket


Please read the instructions of the Orbis783 POCKET before using it.
In order to comply with legal requirements, we give the following reference: Magnetic field therapy is under scientific analysis and study and not recognised by conventional medicine.
Orbis783 is not a medical device.
Orbis783 can only positively influence your ability to regulate yourself. It is not used to treat or cure diseases.